Glenn Carter - Managing Director


Glenn Carter can only be described as entrepreneur having started and grown many successful businesses since the age 21. He spent 30 years in the training and recruitment sector before retiring from the corporate world and launched GameFace in April 2017. This came after identifying the need for a greater digital media presence in local community sport. The journey started with the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League (MPNFL), known for its passionate supporter base and rich history of talent.

Glenn remains actively involved in the GameFace business looking after key clients and overseeing operations.

Josh Rickard - Digital Media Manager

Josh joined the GameFace team in April of 2023 where he was intrusted to build relationships with our key customers across the MPFNL, OEFNL, SFNL, AFLSE and YJFL. Josh has a number of skills that he brings to the GameFace team, including graphic design, marketing strategies, social media strategies amongst a range of other things. Josh says "GameFace is where I want to be. It's everything sport related and being the sports nuffy that I am, I couldn't ask for anything more and I'm really excited about what we're putting together here at GameFace for the years to come,". 

Josh also spends his time during the football season working for Champion Data, the AFL's preferred statiscians.

Dan Lonergan - Lead Commentator / MC

Dan Lonergan has been with Gameface since 2018 joining the company after almost 30 years experience as a sports broadcaster.

He has been a senior Football and cricket commentator commentating in particular the MPFNL, Yarra Juniors and cricket competitions such as SECA, MPCA and Casey Cardinia previously known as West Gippsland. He has a reputation of having an encyclopedic sporting mind as well as being an entertaining commentator and containing a gregarious personality enabling him to get on well with people and develop relationships with all sporting clubs including their coaches, administrators and players.

Riley Lockett - Head of Photography


Riley has worked with GameFace since 2018, and took the helm as the head of photography operations in 2021 with GameFace's subsidiary business Frankie Photography. Riley also works as a professional photographer, shooting the MPFNL and SFNL since 2017, he has also worked with the AFL and RIchmond Football Club on multiple occasions and projects. Riley has been nominated in the AFL Victoria Media awards on three separate occasions in the category of best action photograph in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Duc Anh Vu - Head of Control Room Operations


Duc Anh Vu, originally from Vietnam, relocated to Melbourne in 2018 to pursue his studies in Media. Having graduated from Monash University with a degree in Media Communications, Anh gained valuable experience in the media departments of various companies before joining GameFace in May 2022 as a camera operator. His role quickly evolved to become a Livestream Operator, overseeing multiple matches on diverse social media platforms every weekend. In addition to this, Anh manages the ClubZone V.O.D system and handles administrative tasks for the company.

He values his role at GameFace, expressing, "GameFace is a fantastic environment filled with young and enthusiastic individuals. I'm very proud to be a part of this team."

Lenzy Laviña-Cuevas - Head of Video Editing


Lenzy is a Media Arts graduate from the University of the Philippines. She joined GameFace in 2017 initially as a freelance digital editor while working for other Australian companies such as Avid Collective (formerly Where To Media AU). In 2018, she became a full time member of staff of GameFace when the company started offering more services to local football clubs under the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League, now known as the Mornington Peninsula Football Netball League.

She currently leads our dynamic team of digital editors that takes care of creating game day highlights, media day videos, and other social media content for our partner leagues and clubs. 

John Elvis Presto - Graphic Designer


John, or as he likes to be known as Elvis, his a graduate of Multimedia Arts at the University of the East, Philippines. With extensive experience from local and international advertising agencies. Elvis specializes in creating Graphic requirements and Marketing Materials that the company needs.

His experience started with GameFace working with GameFace in 2022 from there on, he decided that GameFace is where he wants to be.

"I learned so much here, creativity, social skills, and many more,"

Giulian Curcio - Digital Media Assistant


Giulian joined GameFace in March 2023, with a main focus on working together with the Southern FNL on content regarding their media platforms. Giulian has a wide range of skills from multiple forms of content creation to Journalism, and also a strong passion for communicating and connecting with people, also helping out with some admin work for Frankie Photography in 2023. As a passionate sports fan, he very much enjoys being around and working with the local sporting leagues.

Theo Athens - Play by Play Commentator


Theo joined the Gameface team as a special commentary caller in April 2023 as a way to start calling local matches. He got more comfortable and eventually took on a more play-by-play role for the finals in the SFNL.

Recently graduated from Holmesglen’s Sports Media course, Theo has a huge passion for broadcasting, journalism and video editing, and his skills have been used for teams like Box Hill United Soccer Club and the Melbourne Aces Baseball team.