The GameFace network has increased dramatically in the last 3 years and continues to do so. GameFace are now Official Media Partners of 4 leagues across football, netball, and cricket. Across our GameFace platforms, we create custom content engaging our audience while promoting our players, clubs, leagues, and sponsors. On top of this, we also create custom content for over 100 commercial partners.







We also have direct access to 4 x League Social Media Accounts and 54 x Club Social Media Accounts, continually growing our reach and audience engagement.

GameFace Record App has 200,000 sessions every 28 days We constantly reach 17,000 users every game day checking scores in the GameFace Record App. From covering 1 league in our first year to now covering 4 leagues and 25 divisions in our second year, and with further expected growth in 2020 this will make us the #1 sports media company covering local sport in Melbourne.


For increased brand awareness within the sports industry, consider advertising within our ever growing GameFace network. Targeting sports minded, community focused and engaged audiences. To maximise your advertising budget, our Naming Rights and General Advertising packages offer opportunities to customise based on budget and intended marketing outcomes. Allowing for specific brand awareness across single or multiple leagues, including ad space ownership within our Naming Rights inventory.

Social Media is now the primary news source and communication tool for Clubs

Advertising across platforms is now achievable

New 2020 advertising packages and summer sport


GameFace Commercial Partner services provide expertise for the purpose of promoting brand awareness and key messaging surrounding marketing initiatives of Leagues, Corporate and other Stakeholders.

GameFace Commercial Partnership management includes full relationship management and sponsor activation of existing and new sponsors., using Gameface’s services and advertising platforms. In conjunction with existing commercial agreements, upon engaging GameFace Commercial Partnership management, your sponsors can receive: logo placement on selected GameFace content Top and/or Tail video commercials on selected content commercials during selected GameFace Live Streams and Programs access to the extensive GameFace Network of prospective new clients

We are Media Partners of 4 Leagues covering over 100 Clubs

We are Commercial Partners of 2 Leagues managing over 50 corporate clients

We forecast further growth into more leagues in 2020


Advertising within the GameFace network gets maximum reach across all leagues. Packages can be tailored to suit your budget and marketing objectives. Select ad space for a 3 month blast, 6 month full season, or an entire 12 month term providing branding across both summer and winter programming.

GameFace General Advertising provides branding across all leagues and divisions. To secure advertising and eliminate competitor branding in a specific League or Division, see our Naming Rights Packages on offer


Naming Rights within the GameFace network ensures maximum engagement and brand awareness in your selected League and/or Division. As a Naming Rights partner, your advertising space locks out competitor branding in that platform and receives additional services including:

Locked Logo Placement

Custom Content Creation

Marketing assistance and promotional support

Networking opportunities

PLUS GameFace General advertising in your League

Naming Rights packages cover the entire season in your chosen League covering winter April to September, and summer October to March.

For available packages, pricing, and to organise a meeting in person to discuss your advertising options click on the contact button below.


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