GameFace in Cricket Clubs

GameFace provides community sporting clubs with the opportunity to further enhance club promotion and improve their digital footprint. The local sporting club is no longer just something that can be run of the smell of an oily rag. It requires many hours and effort usually from passionate volunteers. With that, you need to find sponsorships and also provide exciting content for supporters to engage with.

From providing interactive player profiles to social media management, sponsor video messages, weekly graphics highlighting round results and even broadcasting games with commentary. GameFace also provide a wide range of services that clubs can benefit from as a one-stop-shop including websites, apparel, photography, print and signage, event production, Game Changer and Medical Supplies.


Social Media Packages

Each Pack is designed for Clubs with different needs and budgets. For the Clubs beginning their social media adventure that need some assistance, to those who want to be the biggest Club in the competition.
Each Pack includes a Media Day which includes a full seasons worth of content asking your best players a range of questions.



Club Media Day (10 Players)
10 x Player Profile
10 x Player Interviews
4 x Sponsor Videos
Game Day




Club Media Day (20 Players)
20 x Player Profile
20 x Player Interviews
10 x Sponsor Videos
Game Day
Round Highlights
Published to Facebook


When GameFace burst onto the scene in 2017, Pines FNC was one of the first clubs in the MPNFL to embrace the concept. We realised GameFace was a perfect platform to promote our brand, keep our sponsors and supporters informed and to recognise our players in a social media forum. In 2017 Pines FNC was an emerging club within the MPNFL Peninsula division. I am proud to say that in 2019, heading into 2020, with the professionalism of and the exposure generated through GameFace as well as the hard work of our committee, the Pines FNC is one of the powerhouse clubs on the Mornington Peninsula.

Paddy Swayn - Senior Coach
Pines FNC

Since the arrival of the GameFace Network in the MPNFL and within the Dromana Football Netball Club it has given both the league and our club a professional media platform to better connect with sponsors and supporters and grow the profile of our club and all of our key stakeholders. In addition, it has also allowed our players to showcase their personalities in the public forum which has increased the overall interest, exposure and accessibility of our club and further solidified our connection with the community and new sponsors.

Rikki Johnstone
Rikki Johnstone - Seniors Coach
Dromana Tigers FNC

GameFace has delivered a new level of access to not only our football club, but the entire SFNL as a whole in season 2019. The coverage, interaction and insight they have brought to our club has given our members, players and sponsors a level of exposure not seen previously and helped to make us as a club relevant again.

Jason Smith - Seniors Coach
Clayton Clays FNC

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